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Hyundai's CarPlay-equipped 2015 Sonata will likely be costly

Customers looking to purchase a new CarPlay-equipped vehicle from Hyundai may experience sticker shock, as the company has said that the feature will only be available alongside a navigation system, an upgrade that could cost thousands of dollars.

According to Hyundai, CarPlay will be "available on 2015 Sonatas equipped with navigation later in the 2015 model year." Hyundai unveiled the 2015 edition last last month.

The cheapest way for buyers to get a 2014 model year Sonata with a navigation system is to add the $3,000 "Premium Package" to the purchase of a Sonata —itself already upgraded to the SE trim level, which costs some $2,850 more. That package also nets buyers a power sunroof, blind spot detection system, a premium audio system, and a subscription to traffic, weather, sports, and stock updates that are delivered on the in-dash touchscreen.

That combination ratchets the manufacturers' suggested retail price up to just over $27,000 before tax, nearly $6,000 more than the base model Sonata GLS.

Bundling CarPlay with premium accessory packages and trim levels may drive price-conscious buyers into the arms of aftermarket manufacturers. CarPlay-compatible head units from Alpine are expected to start at just $500, while Pioneer said on Tuesday that its dashboard installable kits will start at $700.

While it is unknown exactly what tack other Apple partners will take when it comes to offering CarPlay as an option, few marques cater to the same financial strata of consumers as Hyundai, who have long been known to strive for affordability. The majority of Apple's other CarPlay partners —like Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo, who have already shown of CarPlay-equipped vehicles of their own —are known as premium brands.