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United Airlines updates iOS app to support exclusive, free in-flight video content

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In an update to its iOS app on Wednesday, United Airlines added an anticipated in-flight entertainment service that harnesses onboard Wi-Fi to stream movies and TV shows to users for free.

First announced in March, the new United app adds the required software to browse and watch video content when connected to the airline's in-flight Wi-Fi service.

With United Airlines version 2.0.13, users will be able to stream more than 150 movies and nearly 200 TV shows for free while in flight. At launch, the system is reportedly limited to iOS devices and laptops, though Android support is expected sometime in the future.

According to a source, the hardware backbone necessary for in-flight video viewing via Wi-Fi is already installed on a large number of Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 747-400 and certain 777-200 aircraft fleets. For now, the service will be limited to those aircraft.

Users planning on flying with United in the near future can download the app for free from the iOS App Store. Prior to boarding, fliers can check the Inflight Amenities tab on's Flight Status & Information webpage to confirm that their flight offers the new personal device entertainment system.