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Apple's iPhone beats all Android smartphone web use in North America by wide margin

Chitika Insights web traffic report for April assigned Apple's iPhone a 53.1 percent majority of all smartphone web traffic, while all Android devices combined amounted to just 44.5 percent.

The company delivered its report in a press release that focused exclusively on the tiny usage share occupied by Microsoft's Windows Phone and BlackBerry, which together amounted to less than two percentage points of all mobile web traffic.

In passing, Chitika noted that "iOS and Android smartphones continue to generate the two largest aggregate usage totals by a considerable margin."

Apple's iOS is actually ahead of all Android vendors combined by 8.6 percentage points, a lead that is more than 4.7 times the total representation of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry combined.

Apple's lead over Android is also 43 times larger than the slight edge Windows Mobile now has over Blackberry, which Chitika made the centerpiece of its story while equating iOS and Android as "the clear leaders."

The firm then concluded, "while Microsoft has worked hard to make Windows Phone a competitive third mobile OS from a functionality standpoint, the operating system's flat rate of growth over the past several months makes it likely that Apple and Google's offerings will remain the frontrunners stateside for the foreseeable future."