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iOS quick tips: How to block phone numbers & nuisance callers on your iPhone

Apple's iOS is a powerful mobile operating system, but many of its most productive features are hidden or simply not well known. With this iOS Quick Tip, AppleInsider shows you how to stop receiving unwanted phone calls, FaceTime calls, and messages from unwanted numbers.

Adding phone numbers or contacts to the block list

What is it: With iOS 7, Apple now allows users to maintain an individual block list of people they'd rather not hear from. Putting a phone number or contact on the block list will silently drop all phone calls, FaceTime calls, and messages — both SMS and iMessages — from that person.

How to activate it: From the Phone, Contacts, or Messages apps, navigate to the info card associated with the number or contact, then scroll to the bottom and tap "Block this Caller."

Add to blocklist
  • To access the info card from Recents, tap the "Info" button on the far right
  • To access the info card from Contacts, tap the contact's name
Add to blocklist

The blocked list can also be administered from the Settings screen. Navigate to SettingsPhoneBlocked and tap "Add New..." to select a contact for blocking.

Note: Phone numbers that aren't associated with a contact can only be blocked from the Recents screen. To work around this limitation, you can create a new special-purpose contact and then add that contact to the block list. You can then continue to add new phone numbers to that contact, but will need to unblock and reblock it after each addition.