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iOS 8 first look video: Apple's new QuickType keyboard makes typing faster


Major changes are coming to the virtual keyboard in iOS 8, as Apple has added a new predictive typing feature that attempts to guess what your next word might be, letting you choose from a total of three options.

As seen in the video above, the new QuickType feature immediately begins suggesting words, even before the user types their first word. A choice of three recommended words are given, and as iOS 8 learns a user's typing habits and preferred words, the recommendations will adapt accordingly.

QuickType also adapts if you begin deleting characters, recommending words based on the current arrangement of letters behind the cursor's current position.

If you don't like the QuickType feature, it can be easily removed. Simple place a finger on one of the recommended words and hold before swiping down and hiding the boxes. To bring them back, tap and drag a finger up off the top of the keyboard to expand the QuickType space.

In addition to QuickType, Apple will for the first time allow users to install their own third-party keyboards, such as Swype. Security is a key factor in virtual keyboards, with Apple emphasizing that any data from its QuickType keyboard or approved third-party keyboards will be kept locally on the device and never shared through the cloud.

iOS 8 is currently in beta for developer testing. It is expected to launch on iPhone and iPad this fall. AppleInsider will have continuing coverage of the iOS 8 beta test period throughout the summer.