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Apple's latest iPhone 5s ad focuses on fitness

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During the first game of the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday, Apple released an iPhone 5s ad focusing on the handset's ability to link with activity trackers and fitness apps to become an all-in-one digital trainer.

Adding to its latest iPhone 5s TV ad campaign, Apple's most recent advertisement takes the tagline "You're more powerful than you think" more literally by featuring fitness-minded apps and accessories.

The short spot shows off hardware like Misfit's Shine activity tracker and apps like weightlifting trainer Stronglifts set to the 1961 tune "Chicken Fat" by Robert Preston, which was created to as a governmental push to get kids in the U.S. active. The song came to be known as "The Youth Fitness Song."

Along with Stronglifts, the ad covers golfing apps, running apps and more to illustrate how useful the iPhone 5s can be for the active lifestyle set. The smartphone is well-suited to the task being the first Apple device to incorporate the M7 motion coprocessor to aggregate raw data from various onboard motion sensors.

More recently, Apple unveiled a new push into health and fitness at WWDC 2014 with iOS 8's HealthKit and the corresponding Health app. HealthKit is a framework that third-party app and device makers can use to integrate their products with compatible iOS devices. The Health app serves as a central hub and repository for all things health-related including app-generated data, ties into third-party services and fitness tracking, among others.

Apple first introduced the "more powerful" series in April with an ad touting the handset's capability as a multimedia creation tool.

The iPhone 5s advertisement comes on the heels of a report claiming Apple is moving television ad creation in-house in a shift away from longtime partner agency TBWA/Chiat/Day.