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iOS 8 first look video: Time-lapse mode in Apple's updated Camera app


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The native Camera app in Apple's iOS 8 comes with an all-new time-lapse photography mode, allowing users to record a scene for a length of time and have it automatically sped up to play back as a video with minimal effort.

The results of a pair of quick time-lapse tests can be seen in the above video. The new time-lapse shooting mode is available alongside previously available camera modes, including photos, videos, square pics, panoramic shots, and slow-motion video.

When choosing the new time-lapse option, there are no options on the screen aside from the ability to choose between the front facing or rear camera. A record button at the bottom is encircled by minute and hour markers like on a clock.

Once a series of photos are collected, they are automatically sped up and compiled as a video that is saved within the device's Photos app. Standard trimming functions for videos can be used to shorten the clip, while it can also be imported into more full-featured video editing tools like iMovie.

In the first beta of iOS 8, there are no options for adjusting how frequently the camera snaps pictures, nor how fast the images play back in the final product. The Camera app does automatically adjust the focus and brightness levels to accommodate for a changing environment.

iOS 8 is currently in beta for developer testing. It is expected to launch on iPhone and iPad this fall. For more, see AppleInsider's other iOS 8 videos.