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New aerial photos of Apple's Campus 2 show foundation work taking shape

Source: Ron Cervi via Twitter

As Apple continues construction of its "Spaceship" Campus 2 in Cupertino, Calif., a number of interested onlookers are taking pictures of the site from land and air, revealing ongoing work at the tech giant's future headquarters.

A host of photos posted to Twitter by KCBS news and traffic reporter Ron Cervi show the rapid development of Apple's Campus 2 site, which is currently being prepped for foundation work.

In the latest image from Tuesday, Cervi reveals what appears to be a low wall has been erected running the perimeter of where the circular main building will stand. It is thought that construction crews will soon pour the foundation

An AppleInsider reader sent in the photo below, snapped while flying over Campus 2 last week, showing a wider view of the site's surroundings. Looking closely at the central circle plot, you can just make out the beginnings of the wall Cervi reported on today.

The image also offers a nice view of the grounds just below the main structure — known as Plot 2 — that are earmarked for large elongated pill-shaped parking structures and power facilities. Demolition work for Phase Two of the build, which will clear land along N. Tantau Ave. for R&D buildings and other ancillary structures, has not yet begun.

The major undertaking has seen the closure of streets bordering the area including Pruneridge Ave., which cuts through the main development between Apple's spaceship and ancillary office buildings. Apple sent out letters to Cupertino neighbors in March notifying them of the road work, while electronic street signs have been set up to inform drivers of upcoming closures.

Apple plans to move in to the large main structure done by 2016, while secondary buildings for accommodate meeting and presentation space will be finished on a rolling basis.