Brightly brings personal UV tracking to iOS, PayPal adds support for loyalty cards

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The App Store added two vacation-season updates on Tuesday, with Brightly aiming to help iPhone owners avoid getting sunburn while soaking up the summer sun, while PayPal continued to expand its payments empire by adding support for virtual loyalty cards.


Brightly is designed to help users be more mindful of their exposure to ultraviolet rays, with the goal of avoiding both short-term problems like sunburn as well as longer-term issues like skin cancer. After the user inputs their location and tells the app if they are inside or outside, Brightly will use local UV weather data to remind users when to seek shade from the sun.

An included "personal profile" tool helps users understand their skin type, and users can even earn achievements for "sun-smart activities." The app also includes helpful information about UV exposure, health, and sun safety reviewed by dermatologists.

Brightly version 1.0 is available now as a free, 25.1-megabyte download from the App Store.


Seemingly on a march to conquer every aspect of payments, PayPal will now allow users to store virtual versions of their retail loyalty cards in the app. Cards can be called up at checkout time and scanned by traditional scanners.

In addition, the company made app logins faster and promises a number of bug fixes. PayPal did nix one feature in the latest update, however — users can no longer scan a paper check and add it directly to their PayPal balance using their mobile device.

PayPal version 5.5 is available now as a free, 37.1-megabyte download from the App Store.


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