Apple again rumored to unveil 'iWatch' alongside next-gen iPhones on Sept. 9

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Seemingly corroborating recent claims that Apple will launch its long-awaited "iWatch" wearable at an upcoming iPhone special event, Bloomberg on Thursday reported that the company decided to pair the two hardware announcements in order to "manage expectations" of the hotly anticipated wearable.

Citing sources with information on the matter, Bloomberg says Apple will unveil a so-called "iWatch" wearable device alongside the next-generation iPhone lineup at a special event on Sept. 9. Today's report comes one day after Re/code first broke news of the supposed unveiling.

Aside from corroborating the date, not much is offered in the way of new information, though Bloomberg believes "iWatch" will be positioned as "more of an accessory" than a standalone product line. The publication points out that Apple has previously held separate special events for major device categories, like the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010

While supposed parts "leaks" from Chinese manufacturers have been rampant over the past weeks, there has yet to be any substantial evidence detailing Apple's wearable, or that it even exists. Rumblings have pointed to a flexible OLED display, much like current smartwatch models marketed by Android device makers, with some rumors saying Apple will employ a sapphire screen protector.

In June, a report cited Apple supply chain sources as saying the iWatch will sport an LG-made rectangular 2.5-inch display, as well as wireless charging. The wearable is also thought to boast a biometric sensor suite capable of tracking user health metrics like heart rate, activity and more.

Apple today sent out invitations to a special event scheduled to take place on Sept. 9 at the Flint Center, where a mysterious two-story structure apparently associated with the meetup has been erected. AppleInsider will be on site to provide live coverage of the expected hardware unveilings.