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Photos purport to show 2915 mAh battery for 5.5" 'iPhone 6,' twice the capacity of Apple's iPhone 5s

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The stream of component leaks surrounding the rumored 5.5-inch variant of Apple's next-generation iPhone has begun to kick up just one week before the company makes its official announcement, with a new high-capacity battery said to be destined for the "phablet" device appearing from Asia.

The pictured component — bearing an advertised 2,915 mAh capacity — is show as having been manufactured by Chinese firm Desay Battery, a supplier long rumored to have won contracts for the "iPhone 6" lineup. French blog NWE indicated only that the part was sourced from China.

A similar battery was included in a list of parts that leaked from Taiwanese sources in mid August.

Apple had previously been rumored to have chosen a smaller, 2,500 mAh unit for the 5.5-inch device. That capacity would have placed it in the middle of the pack when it comes to battery capacity in large-screened handsets, but the new 2,915 mAh figure would bump it toward the top, and would be nearly double that of the 1,560 mAh battery found in the current flagship iPhone 5s.

The battery has also been repeatedly singled out as a source of manufacturing problems, with Apple said to have run into trouble making the power reserve slim enough to fit in the new iPhone's more svelte chassis. Those problems are thought to have been resolved now, however.

Apple will put the rumors to rest at a media event on Sept. 9, and AppleInsider will be on hand in Cupertino. We will bring live coverage from inside the Flint Center as well as hands-on time with any new hardware the company may introduce.