Samsung back on Apple-bashing bandwagon with new 'It Doesn't Take a Genius' ads

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It took Samsung just one day to deliver six new ad spots that take pot shots at the new iPhone 6, Apple Watch and even Apple's handling of the Tuesday keynote's live stream.

Posted to Samsung's YouTube channel late Wednesday, the commercials feature two Apple Genius lookalikes working in what is presumably a back-of-house Apple Store repair room. The pair banter about Apple's — arguably successful — keynote that introduced the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, Apple Pay and more.

The first spot takes a jab at the keynote's live stream, which was non-functional for the first portion of the event. Later reports chalked the issues up to a coding error on Apple's webpage.

Next, Samsung dismantles the iPhone 6, making fun of the larger screens, lack of multitasking, multitouch input without a stylus and battery life.

One of the later ads, which rails on Apple for not providing a "quick charging" solution like the Galaxy Note S, works in a mention of nicked iPhones, a callback to production problems the iPhone 5 experienced two years ago. Dubbed "scuffgate," customers would find nicks and dings on out-of-the-box handsets. The blemishes were later attributed to quality control issues.

Finally, Samsung criticizes the hype surrounding Apple Watch. Quizzically, in bashing the wearable, the Korean company seemingly pooh-poohs the justification behind building a smartwatch. Samsung currently fields no less than five distinct Gear smartwatch models.

Samsung's video series is just the latest in a long-running negative campaign against Apple. In August, for example, the company mocked iPhone users, calling them "wall huggers," because they constantly need to recharge the handset's battery.


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