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Video demonstrates reported iPhone 6 Plus bending issues

Source: Unbox Therapy via YouTube

A video posted to YouTube on Tuesday confirms Apple's iPhone 6 Plus can be bent using a moderate amount of force, an issue some owners are seeing after sitting down with the device in their front pants pocket.

As demonstrated by a video posted to YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, vlogger Lewis Hilsenteger was able to bend the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands, suggesting the large-faced aluminum chassis has less structural stability than past iPhone models.

The video, embedded below, shows the iPhone 6 Plus being stressed out from a central point on the rear of the case, while at the same time being pulled in from the edges. Despite a large slab of "Ion X" glass and internal design, the metal casing buckled near the lower edge of a cutout made to house the unit's volume buttons.

For many, the result is to be expected considering the iPhone's thin design and materials used, both of which push the limits of engineering. Those not familiar with stress thresholds, material properties and design, however, may confuse the situation with poor quality control, as seen by numerous anecdotal reports earlier on Tuesday.

Perhaps most troubling is the fact that some iPhone 6 Plus owners are saying their handset bent when placed in a front pocket, a location used by many to protect their smartphone from being sat upon.

Hilsenteger also notes that his iPhone 6 Plus was showed signs of slight bending with normal use prior to shooting the video, though it is not clear if the pre-bend weakened the unit's structural integrity and contributed to the apparent ease with which the case was warped.