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Marc Newson confirms only working at Apple part time on secret projects

Apple SVP of Design Jony Ive (right) discusses design with fellow design superstar and (RED) auction collaborator Marc Newson.

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In an interview on Wednesday, Superstar designer and new Apple hire Marc Newson confirmed his role at the tech giant is strictly part time, saying that he will continue to lead his own company out of the UK while working on special projects in Cupertino.

Speaking with Dezeen, Newson commented that his job at Apple is limited in scope, confirming reports from September that said he is to remain based in the UK and would fly out to California when needed.

While the interview focused on Newson's new at-home draft beer machine called "The Sub," made in collaboration with Heineken and Krups, the designer touched on working at Apple and offered his thoughts on Apple Watch. Expectedly, Newson declined to reveal what, exactly, he is working on with fellow design superstar and personal friend Jony Ive.

When asked whether he had a hand in designing the Apple Watch, Newson again demurred, saying, "Apparently I can't." An unnamed public relations officer seemingly serving as his handler said, "Sorry we can't answer that, sorry." It is unclear whether the PR representative worked for Apple or Newson.

The designer was more open about the general topic of watch design, an area in which he made significant contributions with high-end concepts for Jaeger-LeCoulture, as well as starting his own Swiss watch company called Ikepod. Newson left Ikepod in 2012.

"There will always be a place for mechanical watches. Apart from telling the time - which is all they do - they're about something completely different," Newson said. "You know, I think that the mechanical watch industry will continue to exist in much the same way as it does right now. To be honest I'm not really intimately aware of what's happening with the world of mechanical watches right now."

Newson pointed out that mechanical watch sales have steadily increased recently and predicted that trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

Most recently, Newson and Ive were on location in Paris, France to show off the Apple Watch at Apple's one-day pop-up showcase at popular boutique Colette. The public display coincided with the influential Paris Fashion Week.