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Dummy unit shows expected 'iPad Air 2' design ahead of Apple's rumored Oct. 16 event

An apparent mockup of a slightly redesigned, next-generation iPad Air has surfaced from Vietnam showing a more trim profile, recessed volume buttons, and the addition of a Touch ID sensor to the home button.

The supposed dummy unit matches up nearly identically with previous "leaks." Vietnamese blog says that the device comes in at just 7 millimeters thick, the same thickness as the iPhone 6.

In addition to a redesigned speaker grille, the unit also sports a small hole where the mute/orientation lock switch appears on existing iPad units.

Previous speculation has suggested that Apple may be considering relocating the microphone, as the dummy does not sport a microphone opening on top. It could also simply be based on an unfinished model, with the side hold acting as a pilot for machining a larger opening.

The dummy also matches the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus's recessed volume adjustment buttons, but does not carry over their protruding camera lens.

Little is known about the second-generation iPad Air, though it is almost certain to come with Touch ID and Apple's latest A8 chip. Less certain is the inclusion of NFC for Apple Pay compatibility, but those questions should be answered next week during Apple's rumored Oct. 16 event in Cupertino.