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Roundup: Some of the best iOS 8 app extensions for iPhone & iPad

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iOS 8 offers powerful new tools to developers such as extensions, which allow third-party iPhone and iPad apps to be more flexible and interconnected than ever before. AppleInsider offers a look at some of the best iOS 8 extensions available to download on the App Store right now.


A free, universal app with a $1.99 in-app purchase to enable cloud syncing, Clips allows users to save multiple lines of text, URLs and photos to access later via its today widget.

Featured in the video above, select and copy text, then pull down the today widget to add your selection to Copy. Then you'll be able to access any of your saved clips to paste in other apps via the widget.

View Source

At just 99 cents, View Source allows developers to pull up the source code for any website they're viewing in Safari by using the extension.

Once the source code is pulled up, you can send it via email, change app themes, or send it to other apps enabled in the share menu. A must-have for Web developers.

Fantastical 2

Arguably one of the best calendar apps for iOS, Fantastical 2 for iPhone has been updated to include a Notification Center widget that will show you a month-at-a-glance view or your upcoming events for today. It is currently on sale for $2.99.

The share menu extension can be accessed in various apps and will parse any visible text into an event without even opening Fantastical. URLs and addresses will also be added to event when shared via the extension.

A separate version of Fantastical 2 for iPad is also available for $7.99.


A popular read-later service, Pocket was previously only accessible in apps could connect to your account. But now, with their new iOS 8 extension, users can save anything to their Pocket account where the iOS share menu is enabled. Social networking apps, Safari and even photos can be saved using the new extension.


1Password is a universal iOS and OS X app that saves logins, credit cards, checking accounts and more safely and securely.

Before iOS 8,1Password featured an in-app browser to automatically login to secure accounts. But with their new extension, logins are accessible directly in Safari and many other apps.

And with Touch ID functionality now built-in, keeping track and using secure passwords has never been easier.


Another universal app, Afterlight brings all its filters and effects to the stock Photos app with extensions for just 99 cents.

Tap the edit button when viewing any photo, and users will have the option to manipulate highlights, shadows, noise, vignette, add shapes, lights and much more using Afterlight's editing tools.


Another great tool for web developers, the new $9.99 Transmit for iOS connects to FTP, Amazon S3, Dream Objects or WebDav servers.

Server settings will sync to both iPad and the new Transmit app for OS X. Once added, users can download, edit and upload files to and from your accounts within the app.

With the new extension, you can also send files, images or even HTML pages directly from Safari using the share menu. Transmit allows you to save files locally on your device as well.