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Apple begins stocking Nova iOS-connected Bluetooth camera flash in retail stores

Apple has expanded the selection of mobile photography accessories in its retail outlets with the Nova, a wireless, off-camera flash that can be used to enhance low-light shooting and synchronizes with iOS devices using Bluetooth technology.

Nova —  which began life on Kickstarter —  is a wallet-sized flash unit with an array of 40 LED units behind a diffuser. Users can customize the color of the flash, from "cool to warm and soft to bright natural light," or choose from one of four presets.

The flash can be triggered up to 20 feet away from its connected iOS device, and its built-in battery can be recharged using USB. Nova's manufacturer says that the device is designed to be thin enough to fit comfortably into most wallets.

The companion NovaCamera app serves as the control point for the flash and functions as a full-featured camera app. Users also gain control over the focus and exposure of each shot, along with a "full editing suite."

The Nova Bluetooth Flash for iPhone is available from Apple's online store for $59.95 and will make its way into select North American brick-and-mortar outlets later this month.