Microsoft highlights lack of new Siri features to promote Cortana in new ad

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Microsoft on Friday released a short ad bashing lack of enhancing Siri when it released the latest iPhone 6 models, expectedly touting Windows Phone-based Cortana virtual assistant technology.

Like a commercial aired in July, the short 30-second spot shows Cortana and Siri, apparently pals at this point, chit chatting about the new iPhone 6.

"Hi Siri, looks like you're in a new phone. Congratulations," Cortana says. Siri responds, "Yes, I got bigger," in speech noticeably more stilted than Microsoft's personal assistant.

Cortana is curious as to whether Siri was granted enhanced functionality with her new home, asking "are you more like me now?" Does Siri schedule reminders based on calls and texts or adjust for time using traffic report data?

Siri, in deadpan monotone, repeats that "she just got bigger," a jab at Apple's new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus sizes.

"That's OK, happens to everyone this time of year," Cortana quips, referring to the holiday season.

The dialogue is obviously staged, as neither Cortana or Siri are advanced enough to carry on basic conversations beyond programmed responses, but Microsoft's portrayal is unsurprisingly less forgiving of Apple's digital assistant than its own solution.

Today's ad is the latest in a string of aggressive commercials targeting Apple's popular iOS device business. Microsoft first went after Siri earlier this year when it promoted Windows 8 tablet capabilities in an ad titled "Less talking, more doing." With Cortana now a tentpole Windows Phone feature, it seems Microsoft no longer adheres to that mantra.


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