Narrative's next-gen Clip 2 'life cam' boasts 8MP resolution, better battery life

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Improving on its eponymous first-generation life-logging wearable camera, Narrative on Tuesday introduced the 8-megapixel Narrative Clip 2, which boasts Wi-Fi connectivity for uploading footage and remote smartphone control via Bluetooth.

Compared to action cams like those made by GoPro and Sony, Narrative Clip 2's design is relatively staid, but that's a good thing for a device intended to capture everyday activities clipped to a user's shirt collar or jacket flap.

For 2015, Narrative managed to shoehorn a 315mAh battery into a device just three millimeters thicker than the original, more than doubling available battery capacity. Clip 2 will need the extra power with a higher resolution 8MP imager with 90 degree viewing angle, up three megapixels from the first-gen's 5MP shooter.

A new wireless radio suite brings Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the party, expanding on USB-only connectivity, while onboard storage remains unchanged at 8GB. Also improved is Clip's mounting hardware, which now allows for more flexible wearing options.

As for the app, Narrative has made its control and playback software available on both iOS and Android platforms and plans to follow a two-week release cycle to more readily meet the needs of users.

Narrative told AppleInsider that Clip serves a wide variety of users, including people who don't use the device exclusively for life logging, but instead bring the camera with them to capture special activities worth recording, like sporting events and family outings.

The Narrative Clip 2 is expected to sell for $199 when it launches later this year. In the meantime, the company is still selling the original Clip for $149 through its website.

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