Google Chrome users can now access their Mac remotely via Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

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Adding to a growing pile of remote-access software solutions, Google on Monday released an iOS version of Chrome Remote Desktop, which lets users access or take control of their PC, Mac or Chromebook computer remotely with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

With Chrome Remote Desktop, which first launched on Android months ago, Google harnesses Chrome's built-in assets to create a secure ad-hoc connection for remote support, or long-term access for secure app and file access.

The app works in combination with a Chrome browser extension, downloadable from the Chrome Web Store. Connecting is straightforward, as users simply set up remote access in Chrome for Mac, then enter a generated code to link up their iOS device. Once setup is complete, the iOS app can be used to connect to any online computer in a user's ecosystem.

A major benefit to using Chrome's browser and accompanying iOS app is multi-platform support, Google notes. Chrome Remote Desktop supports remote assistance on PCs running Windows and Linux, while secure file access is reserved for Windows XP and above and OS X 10.6 and above. In addition to the iOS app, Chromebook owners can remotely access at-home computers in the same manner.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a free 9MB download from the iOS App Store. A separate Chrome for Mac extension is required for operation.


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