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Website builds interactive Apple Watch app previews with help from developers

Source: WatchAware

A new website has created interactive Web versions of bite-sized Apple Watch apps slated for release next month, offering prospective buyers a chance to test drive the device before it hits store shelves in April.

To create its interactive Web objects, WatchAware worked with app developers to build JavaScript and animated PNGs out of video assets and actual in-app screenshots, providing an initial look at how final software versions will operate on the actual device.

Interactions are somewhat limited, but give a good feel for what users can expect when Apple ships its hotly anticipated device next month. Aside from simulated app animations, users can scroll through Notifications screens and click on the digital crown to return to the Apple Watch home screen.

Most apps on the site feature slick animated sequences that replicate actual in-app use, while others include Notifications screens and Glances, if supported. Glances are lightweight read-only app screens that present users with essential data like sports scores, transit information and more.

Along with Web snippets of real apps that are slated to come out on launch day, the site also put together mockups of Apple software based on demonstrations at the Apple Watch unveiling in September.

For now, assets from a total of 18 different apps are represented on WatchAware's site, while another 8 are simulations of first party apps and demo software. The site is looking to expand its interactive app selection as Apple Watch nears release.

Apple is expected to give a more comprehensive look at Apple Watch hardware, features and software capabilities at a special event on March 9. AppleInsider will be on hand to provide live coverage starting at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.