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Apple to release iOS 8.2 with Apple Watch support on Monday [update: available]

During its "Spring Forward" event on Monday, the company announced upcoming availability for iOS 8.2, which will introduce support for Apple Watch.

Apple's latest iOS update will launch later today with backend support for Apple Watch, and new apps for controlling the wearable's software.

As shown onstage by CEO Tim Cook, the dedicated Apple Watch app is capable of syncing with the device, arranging its home screen, and more. The latest iOS software also comes with a variety of bug fixes.

The iOS App Store is gaining a new section highlighting apps compatible with the Apple Watch. Some noted examples include the astronomy aid Dark Sky, transit tool Citymapper, and the Nike+ Running fitness tracker.

The Watch itself is due to ship on April 24.

Update: Apple's latest iOS 8.2 update is available for download with bug fixes and a patch for the FREAK secure transport flaw.