Ten One Design's Inklet is first 3rd-party app to support Apple's Force Touch trackpad

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Pressure-sensitive drawing is now capable with any stylus or just a finger on the new MacBook Pro with Force Touch trackpad, thanks to an update to the Inklet OS X app from Ten One Design.

Previously, Inklet required users to own a Pogo stylus for pressure-sensitive input. But Apple's new Force Touch technology integrates support for varying levels of input into the trackpad itself.

Available today for $24.95, Inklet 1.6 is the first third-party drawing application to add Force Touch support. It allows any Mac drawing program to gain pressure-sensitive input, and can be used with either a stylus or just a fingertip.

The company says the new trackpad enables "enhanced, highly-accurate pressure sensitivity when drawing on the trackpad" with the new version of Inklet. The app also supports hotkey shortcuts to streamline drawing.

"I did a quiet fist-pump when the new trackpads were revealed," said Peter Skinner, a founder of Ten One Design. "They align perfectly with our vision for Inklet and mobile drawing without the hassle of external tablets."

Ten One Design's Autograph app has also been updated to version 1.8.2 with Force Touch support. It enables pressure and velocity data for smooth signatures that can be pasted into applications supporting PNG or PDF data.

While Inklet and Autograph are the first third-party apps to support Force Touch, Apple's own iMovie software gained haptic feedback support on the updated trackpad earlier this month. Force Touch is currently exclusive to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, but will also be featured on the new 12-inch MacBook's trackpad when it becomes available next month.


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