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Apple Vision Pro could launch in Japan very soon

Apple Vision Pro might come to Japan soon

A reference to Apple Vision Pro accessories being excluded from a limited-time promotion in Japan hints that there may be an early May launch for the headset there.

The Apple Vision Pro will obviously go on sale outside the US at some point, and persistent rumors have said that overseas sales may begin before WWDC in June. The only specific commitment Apple has made, however, is that the headset will go on sale in China later in 2024.

However, generally reliable Japanese site Macotakara has spotted a mention of Apple Vision Pro accessories on a local online reseller called Line Shopping. That reseller claims to be an official Apple website and is currently running a promotion — which it says excludes Apple Vision Pro accessories.

Screenshot showing text about Apple product eligibility, payment plans, and LINE points purchase conditions.
Detail from the Japanese reseller's terms and conditions mentioning the Apple Vision Pro and accessories (in translation)

The promotion is centered on offering various points for purchases, but the significant part is that the campaign has a specific date range. It runs from April 30, 2024, to May 6, 2024.

Apple could very well announce the Japanese launch of the Apple Vision Pro with a press release, like it does when it expands HomePod availability. The products are obviously two different classes, though.

If Apple chooses a pre-order period, it generally gives a week between announcement and availability. If the headset itself were to actually be available to buy before the end of May 6, 2024, Apple would already be taking pre-orders.

However, the Line Shopping terms and conditions concern only accessories for the headset, rather than the Apple Vision Pro itself. So it is possible that Apple will announce a pre-order week for the headset, and both it and third-party manufacturers could have accessories ready to go on sale immediately.