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Apple releases Xcode 6.3 with Force Touch support, Swift 1.2

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Continuing a barrage of software releases on Wednesday, Apple launched the latest version of Xcode with new compilers for the Swift programming language, SDKs for new hardware like the Force Touch trackpad and more.

Xcode version 6.3, which includes Swift 1.2 for iOS 8.3 and software development kits for OS X 10.10, brings a slew of improvements to Apple's coding suite for developers. The usual tools are back, including Xcode IDE, Swift and Objective-C compilers, as are analysis tools and device simulators.

The latest iteration also packs in SDKs for Apple's most recent OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 releases, which launched earlier today.


  • Playgrounds are more attractive and readable with rich text formatting and results displayed in-line
  • Playgrounds can embed additional code and resources to improve performance and simplify sharing
  • Updated OS X SDK includes support for the new Force Touch trackpad
  • Crashes organizer makes it easy to triage and fix crashes for App Store and TestFlight apps
  • Apple LLVM compiler 6.1 improves diagnostic messages and adds support for C++'14

As seen in a previous beta build, Xcode 6.3 introduces a new crash reporting tool that works in concert with TestFlight reports to aggregate results in-app. A revamped Organizer window helps developers keep everything tidy.

Swift 1.2 includes its own improvements, including faster compile times, language refinements to "let" and "as," a standard library and a tool to help developers migrate software from Swift 1.1.

The usual bug fixes and stability improvements are also included with today's release.

Xcode 6.3 is a free 2.57GB download from the Mac App Store.