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Moto 360, other smartwatches get price cuts ahead of Apple Watch launch

Some rival smartwatches, such as the Android-based Moto 360, saw significant price cuts on Friday in a bid to keep up sales in the wake of Apple opening preorders for the Apple Watch.

In the US the Moto 360 is now available for as low as $179 or $180 at Amazon and Best Buy. The $179-$180 pricetags are for models with a leather band. People wanting a metal band have to pay $220 at Best Buy, or $229 at Amazon. Amazon is also offering a $270 "light" metal variant.

The 360 originally started at $250. It launched last September, and a second-generation model is rumored to be in development. Android Wear devices could soon be compatible with the iPhone, encroaching on the territory of the iPhone-only Apple Watch.

Earlier today, deals site Meh briefly offered refurbished MetaWatch models for just $15 plus shipping. The MetaWatch is both iPhone- and Android-compatible, but uses a black-and-white screen and dates back to 2013. At the time, it cost $179.

The Apple Watch starts at $349, and can potentially cost as much as $17,000 for a top-end rose gold unit. It remains to be seen if Apple's emphasis on fashion and more intricate design will outmatch price concerns and iPhone exclusivity when it comes to attracting shoppers.