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Apple triples retail renewable energy rollout, 360 outlets worldwide go green

Apple's plan to power its expansive retail operation entirely with renewable energy has taken a significant leap forward, the company revealed on Monday, as more than 360 Apple Store locations around the world now run on green power.

Every Apple Store in the U.S., UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, and Spain is powered by energy from renewable sources, according to Apple's latest environmental responsibility report. That number is up three fold from the 120 U.S.-only outlets that had already converted to renewable energy last April.

Apple says that it mostly purchases renewable energy from third-party providers for its retail stores, but participates in other programs — like utility green tariff programs —  if that option is unavailable. For stores in buildings that Apple doesn't own, the company works with landlords to source renewable energy on Apple's behalf or to purchase renewable energy certificates.

Fewer than 100 first-party Apple retail stores remain powered by fossil fuels or nuclear plants, and that number is set to dwindle even further in the coming months. Apple's latest solar facility in China will provide enough energy to power all of the 20-plus Apple Stores expected to operate in that country by the end of 2015.

Apple has already achieved ubiquitous renewable energy usage for its offices and data centers around the world. The company relies primarily on a combination of solar, wind, and hydropower, either from local utilities or via infrastructure projects that it owns.