How to start and monitor a workout on Apple Watch

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One of the highlight features of the new Apple Watch is its fitness tracking abilities, which lets users track movement throughout the day, keep tabs on wellness goals and monitor specific workout routines.

To start a new workout session on Apple Watch, navigate to the Workout app.

Upon opening the app, users will be presented with a list of workouts from an Outdoor Walk to Rowing. There is also an other option if your workout does not fit into these categories. Tap the workout that best fits your routine.

Next you will choose a goal for your workout. Options are a calorie goal, time, distance, or OPEN with no goal specified. Once the goal is set, tap the Start button.

A short countdown will display on the Watch and the workout will begin.

During a workout, users can track calories burned, distance traveled, elapsed time, and take a heart rate measurement.

To end a workout, Force Touch by firmly pressing the screen.

A summary of your workout will be displayed with a percentage of completion and other stats.

Scroll to the bottom of this screen and choose to either Save or Discard the workout session.

Saved workouts and trends can be seen in the Activity app on your iPhone, while fitness data is automatically stored in the Health app.


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