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Typo settles lawsuit with BlackBerry, to halt all sales of iPhone keyboards

Typo Products on Monday settled a 2014 lawsuit brought against it by smartphone maker BlackBerry, and as part of terms of the agreement, will have to permanently halt sales of its physical iPhone keyboard accessories.

The settlement specifically bans Typo from making keyboards for devices with screens under 7.9 inches, The Wall Street Journal reported. That will allow it to continue making keyboards for the iPad Air and iPad mini. Other terms of the settlement haven't been made public.

Though Typo will continue to operate, iPhone keyboard cases were its signature product. The accessories gave users a permanent physical keyboard, making typing more comfortable for some, while simultaneously returning more usable screen space.

BlackBerry, though, alleged that Typo infringed on the design and patents of its signature keyboards. Until touch interfaces like the iPhone's became dominant, the compact BlackBerry keyboard layout helped to make the company the world's leading smartphone maker.

Typo initially gained attention for being co-founded by Ryan Seacrest, best known for hosting American Idol. The company only ever produced two iPhone cases: one for the iPhone 5 and 5s, and another for the iPhone 6. Preorders of the latter sold out rapidly when they were launched last December.