Apple Watch tips: How to use it as an iPhone camera remote, pay with Apple Pay, take a screenshot, more

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Because the Apple Watch is an entirely new platform and interface, some of the more helpful functions of the device may not be readily apparent to new users, such as activating Apple Pay, taking screenshots, or using the remote camera shutter function.

Apple Pay

One of the most compelling features of the Apple Watch is that it not only supports Apple Pay contactless payments, but also that it can do so with iPhones older than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. That means iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s owners can also use Apple Pay if they get an Apple Watch.

This is possible because the Apple Watch has its own NFC chip, and also its own secure enclave to store credit cards. As a result, even iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users who have set up Apple Pay on their smartphone will need to reload their credit cards to the Apple Watch.

This process is done through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, where users can navigate to the "My Watch" tab and scroll down to "Passbook & Apple Pay." From there, simply tap the "Add Credit or Debit Card" button to load your Apple Pay compatible cards.

Once the cards are stored on the Apple Watch, users simply need to double-tap what is known as the "side button." Pressing this once will show the Friends list, but double-clicking it brings up the default Apple Pay credit card.

Users can scroll to the right to select other cards they may have stored in Apple Pay.

When the system is ready to authorize a transaction, it says "Ready..." at the top of the screen, and "Hold Near Reader To Pay" at the bottom, while a picture of the selected credit card is displayed in the center. If enough time transpires without a transaction, Apple Pay will close.

The iPhone Apple Watch app also includes the ability to change the default card that displays once the side button has been pressed twice.

Taking a screenshot

Capturing images from the Apple Watch is just as easy as it is on the iPhone. Users simply need to press both the digital crown and the side button simultaneously, and the screen will flash and an audible picture snap sound will play.

To find your Apple Watch screenshots, simply open the Photos app on your iPhone, where they will automatically be saved and also uploaded to iCloud, if you have iCloud Photo Library or its predecessor, Photo Stream, enabled.

By default, screenshots will not show up in the Photos app on the Apple Watch, however. The built-in setting only syncs pictures from the "Favorites" album, though users can change this to other options, such as "Recently Added," a custom album, or "All Photos," if they so choose.

Taking pictures from your iPhone remotely

The Apple Watch can also be used to remotely capture images from the iPhone it is paired with, thanks to the built-in Camera Remote app. Using this is about as simple as can be: Open the app and it will connect to your iPhone and automatically load the built-in Camera app.

To help frame your shot, the Camera Remote app for Apple Watch displays a live view of what your iPhone's camera sees. Below it, there are two buttons: An instant-snap option, and one with a three-second delay.

A third option appears after the first image has been remotely captured. In the bottom left, users can quickly preview recently captured images from their wrist.

Meanwhile, pressing three-second-delay button uses the iPhone's camera flash to count down, so that the subjects being photographed can be prepared for the shot. The delayed shutter also uses the iPhone's burst mode to capture 10 images, rather than just one.


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