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Apple reveals new integrated developer program for Mac, Watch, and iOS

Developers will no longer be required to maintain separate memberships to develop for Apple's Mac and iOS platforms, as the company has done away with the old configuration in favor of a new, unified Apple Developer Program.

For a single $99 fee, developers will have access to beta releases and software development kits for iOS, OS X, and watchOS. That will halve the cost for developers that target both Apple's desktop and mobile platforms.

"The new Apple Developer Program combines everything you need to develop, distribute, and manage your apps on all Apple platforms into one single program, making it easier than ever to bring your creativity to over a billion customers around the world," the updated developer website reads. "Get your apps ready for the App Store on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, by enrolling in the Apple Developer Program today."

There is no word yet on how Apple will manage the transition, or whether developers who recently renewed their memberships under the old system will receive prorated refunds.

Under the new program, developers will continue to have access to services like app analytics and TestFlight beta testing. A single membership will also allow developers to integrate Apple Pay and sell their applications in each country where the App Store is available.

Apple is also planning to roll out automatic renewals for annual memberships, allowing uninterrupted service and access to developer tools.