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Apple posts 'Backstage' parody sketch from WWDC 2015

Actor/comedian Bill Hader and "Tim Cook-alikes" in a scene from Apple's "Backstage" short.

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With WWDC 2015, Apple chose to kick things off with a humorous sketch video lampooning the lengths to which companies go to produce gala keynote presentations. The video is now up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The video, appropriately titled "Backstage," aired at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday just before CEO Tim Cook took the stage, amounting to a cold open sequence seen on TV shows like Saturday Night Live.

SNL alum Bill Hader stars as director David LeGary, who is tasked with producing WWDC's grand "opening number." The reference parodies the glitzy, often over-the-top presentations into which keynotes have morphed as certain tech companies try to outdo each other. The film features celebrity cameos, shout outs to popular apps and inside references to the Silicon Valley scene.

Prior to Thursday, "Backstage" was available for viewing through Apple's website, as it was included in the company's keynote presentation video.