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Inside iOS 9: Apple's QuickType keyboard gains quick cut, copy, paste & more on iPad

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Apple's QuickType keyboard has gained new iPad-specific functions in iOS 9, including a "Shortcut Bar" with quick links to commonly used text entry functions like cut, copy, paste, and font options.

Upon updating to iOS 9, users will find that icons for cut, copy and paste are located above the iPad keyboard, to the left of the QuickType word suggestions. These icons are available systemwide, allowing for quick access while doing everything from searching Safari to sending an email.

When combined with the new multi-touch cursor gesture, Apple makes it easier than ever to select and move text with the iOS 9 keyboard. By double-tapping with two fingers on the keyboard, the system will automatically select the current word within which the cursor is placed, while a triple-tap will select the entire current paragraph.

From here, users can then use the cut, copy or paste icons on the upper left of the keyboard, and modify text without needing fingertips to travel into the text field.

In some apps, Apple also has additional convenient icons located to the right of the QuickType suggestions bar. For example, in Apple's Pages word processor, icons for bold, italicized and underlined are made available, while the Mail app includes a convenient attachment shortcut.

The shortcuts are slightly different in Apple's Notes app, where cut, copy and paste are consolidated to a single scissor icon. This allows room for both a list button and a font button which presents a number of styles.

Finally in notes, icons for inserting a drawing or an image are located to the right of the QuickType suggestions.

Enhancements to iPad input in iOS 9 also include new hardware keyboard shortcuts baked in to the next-generation operating system. Specifically, Apple has given hardware keyboards the ability to access an OS X-like quick app switcher, along with support for app-specific keyboard shortcuts in third-party applications.