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Apple adds Maps Flyover support for 7 cities in Spain, Germany, UK and Puerto Rico

Flyover view of San Juan, Puerto Rico

As part of a feature buildout to its in-house mapping service, Apple on Tuesday added seven international locales to its list of cities supporting Maps 3D Flyover.

The change in Flyover support is reflected on Apple's iOS 8 feature availability webpage under Maps, but also applies to the Maps app in OS X, as seen in the screenshot above.

New Flyover locations include:

  • Almería, Spain
  • Braga, Portugal
  • Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
  • Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Kiel, Germany
  • Kingston upon Hull, Englad
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

Flyover was initially introduced as a standout Maps feature when Apple first moved away from Google Maps in iOS 6. Flyover combines high-resolution imagery and three-dimensional modeling technology to provide users with 3D visualizations of structures, major landmarks and points of interest.

Aside from platform-exclusive features, Apple is looking to catch up to more mature mapping services by introducing transit directions in iOS 9 and potential image-based navigation assets similar to Google Street View. Earlier this month, the company officially announced that so-called "mystery vans" spotted driving around the U.S. and Europe are indeed part of an initiative "to improve Apple Maps."

Apple last updated its rolling list of Flyover-capable cities in February with additions from Europe and the Americas.