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Rumor: Apple Watch 2 will add bigger battery, look exactly the same [u]

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Apple's second-generation Watch is unlikely to see any external changes, a Thursday morning report from South Korea suggests, with the company instead focusing on tightening up internal components in order to fit a larger battery. [Updated]

Apple is reportedly working with South Korean firms LG and Samsung to produce thinner OLED displays for its Watch revamp —  in contravention of previous indications —  which would allow the device to accommodate a more capacious battery. The rumor is circulating among suppliers in LG and Samsung's native South Korea and was first noted by GforGames.

The external design of the so-called "Apple Watch 2" is expected to remain largely unaltered. No other internal component changes have been rumored, though one unlikely report did suggest that Apple may choose to add a FaceTime camera for video calling purposes.

There is no word on when Apple may choose to release a hardware revision, as the Watch continues to roll out around the world. The wearable launched in Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan on June 26, and will come to The Netherlands, Sweden, and Thailand on July 17.

While a timeline for release of second-generation Watch hardware is still unclear, Apple is moving ahead with plans for watchOS 2. Unveiled at last month's Worldwide Developers Conference, the Apple Watch's first major software update will include a number of new features including support for native apps and a new "nightstand" mode.

Update: The rumor also suggested that the new Watch will improve outdoor visibility, dealing with a complaint about the first-generation device, particularly for sapphire models.