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Microsoft brings Outlook to Apple Watch with quick actions, custom notifications

Microsoft on Thursday released an official Outlook app for the Apple Watch, allowing people to check, manage, and reply to email from their wrist.

Primarily, the Watch app is intended for browsing messages, whether in its full form or in Glance mode. The Glance also offers a summary of any upcoming calendar events.

One difference with some other Watch email apps is that Microsoft promises custom notifications that highlight important messages and allow for quick actions. Users can for instance reschedule something, or archive messages.

Notifications also show a substantial portion of each incoming email, which may sometimes save the need to even open the app.

To reply to email the app supports emoji, voice dictation, and a selection of canned responses. Anything more complex requires opening Outlook's parent iPhone app.

The Apple Watch app is included with the iPhone software, which is a free download for devices running iOS 8 or later.