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New iOS 9 public beta prompts users to install iCloud Drive app

Apple's dedicated iCloud Drive iOS app for managing cloud assets, introduced with the first developer iOS 9 beta in June, is being advertised as ready to install on public beta builds released on Thursday.

When users taking part in Apple's iOS 9 public beta program install today's beta 3 software update, a pop-up prompt will ask them if they want to add a dedicated iCloud Drive app to the home screen. Previously, the app had to be manually activated in device Settings.

As seen above, iCloud Drive for iOS remains largely unchanged from prior app versions that first appeared in June. The feature can be thought of as a shortcut to a user's iCloud Drive assets stored in Apple's cloud, with full access to file and folder management, browsing and viewing. Data can also be deleted, copied and shared through iOS Share Sheets.

It appears iCloud Drive's search function is still limited to file names, but deeper integration could be on the way as Apple continues work on advanced iOS 9 search capabilities.

The latest iOS 9 beta builds came with other small improvements, including Wi-Fi calling for AT&T and a "Wi-Fi Assist" mode that automatically switches to cellular data if it determines a local network signal is too weak.

Apple is expected to launch a final version of iOS 9 this fall to coincide with the release of next-generation iPhone hardware.