Developer hacks custom watch face onto Apple Watch

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In a post to Twitter on Tuesday, developer Hamza Sood revealed an Apple Watch hack that bypasses Apple's restriction against installing third-party watch faces on the device.

Sood, who is well known for digging into Apple code, said he was able to roll his own watch face source code, complete with customizable color schemes, up and running on his Apple Watch after some "haxx."

The result, seen below, is a custom animated watch face playing the "Onoz Omg" meme against a psychedelic flashing background. Sood is able to change the background's two primary colors using Apple's watch face customization user interface, activated by a force press.

Watch face source code is on GitHub:

Sood posted the custom watch face source code on GitHub and works with Apple Watch units running watchOS 2.

Apple is expected to launch watchOS 2 this fall with a slew of new features including support for native third-party apps and complications, a nightstand mode, enhanced Siri functionality and Activation Lock, among others. Custom watch face support is not on the list.