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Study: Apple Watch holds 97% satisfaction rating, used mostly for fitness & timekeeping

The Apple Watch has a 97 percent satisfaction rating among owners, although the most popular uses are simply fitness tracking and telling the time, according to survey data published on Tuesday.

Wearables research firm Wristly polled a group of more than 2,000 Watch owners for three months to obtain the figures, said to point to better satisfaction than first-generation iPhone and iPad models. ChangeWave data used for comparison indicated a 92 percent satisfaction with the 2007 iPhone, and 91 percent satisfaction with the 2010 iPad.

Within Wristly's survey, 70 percent of people said they ended up checking their Watch's Activity rings more than expected. The next-most popular activities were timekeeping, checking complications, monitoring heart rate, and placing or receiving phone calls.

More than half of the group said they used remote control, messaging, and music/podcast functions less than they anticipated. Apple Pay, Glances, and Passbook saw moderate interest.

Relatively few Watch announcements are predicted for Apple's press event on Wednesday. The company could reveal new case and band options, and a date for watchOS 2, which should make some requested fixes and improvements — most notably native app support.