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Apple exhausts launch-day iPhone 6s, 6s Plus preorder supply

Apple on Monday officially ran out of online stock for people wanting to get an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus on launch day, Sept. 25, though some orders may still ship relatively quickly.

Across all launch countries, the earliest possible delivery date has been updated to Sept. 29. Some U.S. deliveries of the regular 6s could happen as late as Oct. 6 though, and Apple's U.K. site mentions shipments taking 1 to 2 weeks. For an iPhone 6s Plus, times have stretched out to 3 to 4 weeks worldwide.

In past years, such delays often took effect within hours or even minutes of Apple opening iPhone preorders. This year, however, Apple added several more days between the start of preorders and the actual launch, presumably giving it more time to build up inventory.

The best chance of getting a 6s or 6s Plus on launch day now likely involves lining up at a retail store, whether one of Apple's or one belonging to a third-party chain, such as AT&T or Best Buy.

To keep control of scalpers Apple is limiting retail purchases to reservations in some regions, including Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, and tax-free U.S. states. Scalpers could potentially abuse sales in tax-free states to turn a higher profit.