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First iPhone 6s bend test shows off nearly unbendable 7000 series aluminum

It seems Apple's decision to craft iPhone 6s out of 7000 series aluminum paid off, as a new video from Australia demonstrates the device can withstand what appears to be a significant amount of stress without bending.

As seen in the video from FoneFox, iPhone 6s and its reinforced 7000 series aluminum chassis appears quite durable, so much so that achieving a noticeable crook took two people exerting what looks to be a considerable amount of force (see screenshot of potential aneurism above). Even with a crease near the lower volume rocker, the phone remained functional, a vast improvement over iPhone 6.

Shortly after iPhone 6 launched last year customers reported seeing bends in their new smartphone just days of normal use. Some speculated the thin design and enlarged footprint undermined iPhone's structural integrity, all models of which were solid until iPhone 6. Dubbed "bend gate," the minor controversy birthed multiple videos showing users bending iPhone 6 in half with their bare hands.

Apple denied claims that the then-new iPhone sacrificed rigidity to achieve an ultra-thin aesthetic, going so far as to invite media on a press tour of its "torture test" building where devices undergo comprehensive stress testing prior to launch. The idea was to dispel the notion that iPhone 6's design was weaker than competing products, as had been demonstrated on youTube.

Although "bend gate" went unmentioned during this year's iPhone 6s reveal, an unprecedented material switch between redesign cycles was seen by many as an admission that iPhone could benefit from a stronger frame. Judging by today's video, Apple achieved its goal.