Apple to reveal fiscal Q4 2015 earnings on Oct. 27

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Apple on Monday announced plans to reveal quarterly financial results for its final fiscal quarter of 2015 on Oct. 27, which will be followed by a conference call expected to shed light on initial iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sales, as well as the upcoming fourth-generation Apple TV.

The quarterly conference call was announced through Apple's Investor Relations webpage and will offer details on company performance over the three-month period ending in September. The last fiscal quarter is usually a strong sales period for Apple, bolstered in part by an annual iPhone product cycle that catches the tail end of September.

Despite raking in record-setting profits of $10.7 billion on $49.6 billion in revenue last quarter, Apple failed to impress Wall Street, sending shares tumbling 7 percent in after hours trading. AAPL shares later equalized on the backs of bullish investors seizing the opportunity to take on what they considered undervalued stock.

For the quarter ending in June, Apple sold a record 47.5 million iPhones, up 37 percent year over year, with sales doubling in Germany, Korea and Vietnam. Mac sales were pegged at 4.8 million despite strong PC market headwinds, though iPad continued its decline to 10.9 million for the quarter, down 18 percent from a year ago.

Analysts tried to glean Apple Watch numbers out of CEO Tim Cook, but to no avail. The Apple chief did say the product is outperforming internal expectations, noting customer experience has tracked extremely well.

Last quarter, Apple offered guidance of revenue between $49 billion and $51 billion with a gross margin between 38.5 percent and 39.5 percent. Operating expenses for the September quarter were estimated at between $5.85 billion and $5.95 billion.

Apple's quarterly conference call for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2015 is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. Pacific/5 p.m. Eastern. With a blockbuster iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch, and a new Apple TV model set for release in October, Apple will have a lot to discuss. AppleInsider will be covering the event live.