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Apple enlists A-lister Jamie Foxx, NBA star Steph Curry to tout iPhone 6s

Apple released a trio of star-studded iPhone 6s spots on Sunday, with two shorts starring Jamie Foxx and Siri, and a proper minute-long commercial showing off iPhone's cameras with an assist from Golden State cager Steph Curry.

The first two ads feature Foxx interacting with Apple's Siri virtual assistant using the new "Hey Siri" feature, an always-on hands-free technology made possible by the M9 motion coprocessor in iPhone 6s.

In "Flip a coin," Foxx is seen carrying two scripts, one in each hand. He enlists Siri's help to decide between the two, asking the assistant to flip a coin, a feature that has been available in past iOS iterations.

The next ad, "Crush," has Foxx doing up a necktie in front of his now-familiar dresser (Foxx had a cameo role in an iPhone 6s ad earlier this month). He asks," Hey Siri, how do I look?," and gets one of Siri's canned, albeit personable, responses, "Judging from your voice, I'd say you must be fairly attractive." The ad illustrates Siri's ability to process conversational interactions, now augmented by "Hey Siri" hands-free technology.

A longer, narrated commercial also posted on Sunday highlighting iPhone 6s' iSight and FaceTime HD cameras. Here, Apple returns to the "only thing that's changed is everything" theme, noting upgraded specs like 4K video recording, high-definition slo-mo and more. A good portion of the clip focuses on 3D Touch interactions, a tentpole iPhone 6s feature that streamlines photo gallery viewing and enables Apple's new Live Photos feature.

Like Apple's most recent iPhone and Apple Watch spots, today's iPhone 6s commercial features a brief sequence starring 2015 NBA MVP and two-time NBA All-Star Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Apple's latest iPhone expectedly beat previous launch day sales records in September with 13 million units sold in its first three days of availability. More recently, iPhone 6s sold out within 30 minutes of going up for preorder in Apple rival Samsung's hometown of South Korea.