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Eddy Cue dodges questions about original TV content, says Apple TV not for cord-cutters

In a TV interview posted on Thursday, Eddy Cue — Apple's senior VP for Internet Software and Services — dodged questions about original programming, while downplaying the possibility of using the new Apple TV as a cord-cutting option.

Even with its new features, the fourth-generation Apple TV will be an "add-on for most people," Cue told CNNMoney. This is because apps like ABC, CNN, and WatchESPN will still demand a cable or satellite subscription, he commented.

The executive nevertheless argued that the Apple TV doesn't need exclusive content, since the product does things that no other set-top does, referring to its app-based interface. In the future, he suggested, live TV shows might react to app-based viewer feedback, though no such system is currently in place.

Asked about rumors that Apple will follow companies like Netflix into making original programming, Cue side-stepped the matter.

"We love working with our partners. We're great at technology, and they're great at creating content, and we think that's a great partnership to have," he said.

The interview didn't touch on Apple's anticipated streaming TV service, which would presumably play home to any original shows. The service is thought to be mired in content negotiations and won't debut until sometime in 2016.

Apple began taking online orders for the updated Apple TV on Monday, and the product will hit store shelves on Friday.