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Vine launches on Apple Watch, adds new content discovery features for iPhone

Vine on Tuesday released a long-awaited extension of their popular app for Apple Watch, and added a new feature to its iOS app designed to make it easier to surface new content quickly.

The Apple Watch version of Vine features two separate feeds, one showing a collection of Featured Vines and another for Favorites. Each feed allows users to favorite or re-Vine content, while the Featured Vines feed can be manually refreshed with the tap of a button.

The app also features a custom complication for various Apple Watch faces that displays account loops and serves as a quick link to the Vine watchOS app. Interestingly, unlike with Vine's parent company Twitter, there's no timeline feed in this first iteration of the Vine app for Apple Watch, which may speak to the differences in how people consume content on both services.

Meanwhile, Vine also introduced a new feature to its iOS app, which allows users to swipe left on any Vine to retrieve related content. Competing video app Snapchat recently debuted a similar feature called Story Explorer that lets users view multiple Snaps of a single Story filmed by different people.

The updated Vine app, which include the Apple Watch version, is a free download from the iOS App Store.