Google Chrome for iOS gets 3D Touch, Hangouts gains notification replies via Apple Watch

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Google has updated two of its key iOS apps, bringing 3D Touch support to Chrome, and direct quick replies to Hangouts notifications — including on the Apple Watch.

Chrome's 3D Touch commands consist of Quick Actions accessible from the iOS homescreen. On the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, pressing down on the app's icon will now show options to open a regular or incognito tab, or launch a voice search.

The browser now also supports more shortcuts for Bluetooth keyboards. These allow opening, closing, or switching tabs, as well as triggering voice functions.

Hangouts' Apple Watch support doesn't yet include a full app, but is instead a result of general support for notification replies. On the Watch, users can either pick from a group of pre-written replies or use voice dictation.

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Among other improvements in the messaging app are the inclusion of group names in general notifications, and contact names in Google Voice alerts.

Both apps are free to download, and will run on any phone or tablet with iOS 7 or later.


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