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GoPro brings camera controls to Apple Watch, teases 'Karma' drone for 2016

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Action-cam maker GoPro will now let Apple Watch owners control their cameras from their wrist. Meanwhile, the company is teasing its first-ever drone — officially called the Karma — due to ship in 2016.

The updated iOS app lets Watch owners preview shots, start and stop recording, and add HiLight tags. Most advanced functions are still reserved for iPhones and iPads.

Along those lines, iOS devices can now pull still images from videos, and locate media more easily by filtering for photos, videos, HiLights, or clips. GoPro says that "nearly everything" should now be viewable on iOS, including previews of high-FPS video. This excludes 4K however, as even the iPhone 6s doesn't support the quality used by GoPro's cameras.

Future updates should bring better HiLights management, and identical filtered views for on-camera media and downloaded content.

GoPro Karma drone

The drone was first hinted at in October prototype footage, but a new teaser webpage has revealed the name and is offering people a chance to sign up for email alerts. To attract subscribers, GoPro is giving away 100 Karmas to list members.

A promotional video posted on YouTube reuses the original prototype footage. The exact specifications of the drone are unknown, but it appears to support at least 1440p resolution — based on the YouTube video — and include some sort of gimbal for image stabilization, since in October GoPro stated that it wasn't doing stabilization in post-production. Gimbals are a common feature among high-end drones like the DJI Phantom series. So is 4K, though smaller resolutions would keep the Karma more affordable.