Poll: What is your favorite iOS news app?

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AppleInsider is trying to find the best news app for iOS. Vote for your favorite app and we'll tell you the winner next week.

Last week we revealed your favorite note taking app for iOS. This week we're asking you to vote for your favorite news app for iOS. You nominated these apps on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Here are your top seven. You can vote at the bottom of this article. If you have a favorite that didn't make the list, you can add it to the poll with a Here are the nominees:


Many people, like myself, use Twitter as their main news reader. Depending on which accounts you follow, you can get the latest, breaking news delivered right to your Twitter feed.


SmartNews claims you can get all your news "in one minute." They analyze millions of articles each day and bring you the best of the best.

Notify by Facebook

Notify is built primarily for your lock-screen, drawing your attention to some of the biggest stories of the day. You can set which "stations" to follow, such as "sports, movies, news, food, celebrities" and more.

Google News

Google News will most likely win the award for "most amount of publications scoured," coming in at 65,000. Like most of these apps, it comes with a companion Apple Watch app. There are also 60 country-specific editions to keep your news personalized.


Flipboard attempts to give you more of a magazine feel. With millions of active users, Flipboard makes it easy for you to get started. Users select a few topics and Flipboard creates a personalized magazine.

Breaking News

Breaking News, created by NBC News, helps users discover news important to them. Users receive alerts for breaking news within their area. Their editors search social media and the web for you, claiming to bring you news faster than other apps.

Apple News

This wouldn't be much of a list without the recently-released Apple News app that comes with iOS 9. It looks like Apple took many design cues from Flipboard, using a similar magazine-style layout. Apple News claims to learn your news preferences as you read and "heart" articles.


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