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Security experts predict rise in cyber threats against Apple devices in 2016

Security firm Symantec expects cyber attacks against Apple products to rise in 2016, after malware attacks against iOS and Mac OS X spiked sharply this year.

"A rising number of threat actors have begun developing malware designed to infect devices running Mac OS X or iOS," said Dick O'Brien, a Symantec researcher.

According to Symantec's research, malware aimed at iOS doubled in 2015, while the number of Mac computers infected in 2015 was seven times greater than 2014.

O'Brien and Symantec released a 30 page analysis on the state of Apple security and vulnerability to cyber attack earlier this week.

The report noted that cyber attacks against iOS and OS X were "quite low" when compared to the company's main competitors — Android in mobile and Windows for desktop computing — but that the "level of Apple-related malware infections has spiked, particularly in the past 18 months."

O'Brien also speculates that Apple Pay could be a target of cybercriminals in 2016, given the financial incentive to finding a vulnerability in the system.