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Apple trademark filings hint at more live Beats radio stations

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Beats 1 was just the beginning, new trademark applications from Apple suggest, with four more live streaming radio stations potentially on the way.

Logos for Beats radio stations numbered 2 through 5 were filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last month, and spotted on Monday by Consomac. The trademarks are owned by Beats Electronics, LLC, and apply to both the names "Beats 2-5" as well as "B2-B5" logos.

Currently, Apple runs just one 24-hour streaming radio station — Beats 1, which launched alongside Apple Music earlier this year.

The live, worldwide Internet radio station is built into the Music app on iOS, and can also be accessed through iTunes on a Mac or PC, as well as Apple Music for Android. It's intended to promote new artists and songs, enhancing discovery for music lovers.

Human curation and personalities play a large part of Beats 1, with live DJs selecting tracks and artists also hosting their own programming.

Though Apple Music launched with just one live streaming station, plans to potentially launch more Beats-branded broadcasts have always been in the cards. In August, it was revealed that Apple's content licensing deals allow the company to launch up to five live format streaming radio stations without renegotiating with labels.

It was also discovered that Apple already owns domains like, and —  a pattern that continues through Beats 5-branded URLs, consistent with the November trademark filings.